Monday, May 18, 2009

the EZ View Craft Desk?  Can you believe that a company finally got it right?  Amazing,  the crafters best friend!  Has everything a crafter needs at arms reach!  Not only is the original the creator of this fine desk but they also have many more great products.. All created from the finest and highest quality materials. Don't forget to visit the website today!


Danyale said...

Hey chick...thanks for the info...where the crap was that desk when I created my craft room three years ago? LOL....It is like all those new cool baby things they have.....You will notice on my blog, like you, I put up things that I like to play with regardless of designer, I drink a lot of coffee, I have a really bad camera(you don't even know) so forgive my pics, my song playlist is random and makes me sound old....but I am glad you came by. Nice to have a new blog friend...any questions you may have about digi world, just ask. Taks Care....and happy Tuesday! (just a note, my captcha to leave a comment is "latin"...those randoms always crack me up!)

Anonymous said...

I voted for ya! I also went and entered in something so would love to get a vote on mine too! :)