Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Organizing my scrap space

So it's time to get organized over at .  Tiffany is hosting her fall get organized challenge and of course who am i to pass up the opportunity to try and get organized... again!

I have taken the challenge probably 8-9 times.  I don't consider myself a failure because i have to take it over and over again.  Instead each time i do the challenge i learn something new, fix what isn't working and straighten up the stuff that is working for me.

This weeks challenge was the paper challenge.  Unfortunately I did not take any before pics, but i can tell you about how my paper was organized and why it wasn't working for me.

For starters  i had my cardstock and pattern paper separated.  Both were organized by color but i had cardstock with cardstock and pattern paper with pattern paper.  I also kept my scraps in a separate drawer not even near my desk.  You know what they say "out of sight, out of mind". There was also no rhyme or reason on how i organized my collections.  Things were just stuffed in a gallon sized ziploc style bag. 

After about 4 hours of working on my papers,  here is my new organized paper! The video is only about 8 minutes long and I also announced that i will be giving a prize away when i reach 500 subbies.  So make sure to subscribe to my you tube channel!

Link to my Video about paper organization
I also made a video on how i store my Inks, Stickles, markers, and sprays.  You can watch that video here

The next area i will be tackling is my Stamps!  Stay tuned and watch out for that video!

Have a great day!

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