Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's here!!!

Well its official! I am officially a Close To My Heart Consultant.  My kit came yesterday afternoon.  The poor UPS guy must think i am nuts.  I didn't even give him a chance to knock on the door.  I opened it up and spread it all out on the floor in front of me with such happiness you would of thought i have a million dollars spread out in its place. So today i am off to read and watch DVD's about my new business venture.  Hopefully i will have my website up and running in the next couple of days.  
You probably ask why CTMH?  Well the reason why is because i absolutely love there products.  There stamps are one of a kind.  And there paper is all high quality stuff.    My decision to join was my idea.  I wasn't at a party,  There was no one there to push me sign.  This is my story.  Back in August of 2007 i went to a crop about 6 hours from my house.  Where i met a bunch of wonderful women.  All excellent crafters.  I had one of the best weekends of my life.  At this crop 1 of the ladies is a CTMH consultant.  I had never stamped before this day and Nancy was so sweet and showed me how stamping worked.  Well, Nancy created a monster.  I know am hooked.  I don't use stamping as often as i would like because i have been out purchasing stamps so that when I'm ready to stamp i have everything i need.  Thats when i remembered CTMH and did some research online and decided why not sign on.  So I did it. I signed on and got my kit.  Maybe a bit impulsive.  But I'm sure i can thrive.  I was a sales person for a few years for a company that i didn't believe in and thrived.  Can you imagine selling a product/brand that you do believe in?  I almost cant wait to begin.

Well i am off to read and of course make room for my new stuff.   I want to create an area in my crop room just for CTMH.  I will eventually post pictures. :)

TTFN hugs to you all!

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