Thursday, March 6, 2008

If you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit?

Well i guess we will have to see if that is right. So far its been 3 days i think?

Well lets see, My daughter won tickets to see the Jonas Brothers off of the radio station. Shockingly enough my husband was telling her "oh honey dont get your hopes up do you know how hard it is to get through and actaully win?" and as he is finishing his sentence She gets through and was able to answer the questions the DJ had for her. Can you believe it? So We picked up the tickets on monday and they are good seats except like any 12 year old she is upset that they werent Floor seats. The concert is Friday and Im so not excited. To have to sit around thousands of screaming, crying Girls. It should be very interesting. I will Post pictures.

Well i have read and watched everything about CTMH. And i think im ready. I will hopefully have my Website up and running by the weekend. I doubt i will be making any money on this since i just about want everything in the catalog. LOL. So far there is very little that i dont want. Everything from Papers, to Stamps, to embellishments, to Storage stuff. (i am a big storage buff). I will somehow have to show some restraint since i convinced my husband that this was the business that i wanted and knew i could make work. LOL little did he know that one of the reasons i wanted to get into it was because of the consultant discount. :) sneaky, I know.

Well you all have a great day and enjoy your thursday it only comes once a week you know!

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