Monday, March 3, 2008

WOW it still works!!

Didn't think my blog was still up since i had neglected it for so long.  Anyhoo. For all of you reading it. (which i think we are up to about 3 people).  I just signed on to the Close to my Heart banwagon.  Im so excited.  I absolutely love there product.  In NJ i had never heard of them but once i got to Florida instantly i met to gals that were consulting. and after a few months of Thinking about it and purchasing stuff i decided to Go for it.  I will post my website as soon as it is up and running (probably by the end of the week).  I will also be posting some pictures as soon as i get the Kids to sleep. (hopefully soon) .   I have made a whole bunch of LO's and also a couple of other little crafty items.  Now i will be starting the Mother's day Gifts for the Mom's of the kids i take care of.  I have a few things in mind but i still don't have anything concrete.  

TTFN i will be back in a few to add some pictures (hopefully i can figure it out)

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