Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trying to keep up!

Well lets see what has been going on. Nothing new. I am waiting for my youngest sister to give birth. She is due just about any day now. Doctors say its a BOY!!!... She has an older son named Damian who is 4. He cant wait for his new baby brother to show up! He is constantly looking out the window to see when the big brown truck brings his new baby brother. Too cute!
My kids have half a day tomorrow and then they are off until Wednesday. GRRRR just when i was starting to enjoy the peace and quiet. well i am going to try and figure out how to add some pictures of some of the work i have done recently so here goes nothing!!!

This page i made for a challenge on a website. The rules where Everything had to be black and white and then embellishments had to be all one color. I chose Red Because i think it stands out soo beautifully. The baby is my best friends son Genesis. He was 2 months old in this picture.

This is a Pocket book that i made in a Scrap-a-Faire class. I made if for my mother in law and sent it to her with pictures of the kids and of our new surroundings since she still hasn't visited us since we moved down south.

I think this is good for now i just want to see how it posts and later on i will post a whole bunch of pages i have completed in the past couple of days... I have been a very busy bee!!!

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