Friday, June 12, 2009

New Developments!

Well i didn't win that beautiful Scrapdesk from The Original Scrapbox site but Me and 25 other people did make it to 3rd place and i won a scrapmabob. Yes thats what its called.  Cant wait to Set it up on my desk. 

So you ask what i have been up to.  Well funny you should ask! LOL  I am teaching myself how to Make Kits digitally.
Its harder then i thought but i think once i get the hang of it it should be a piece of cake!  Can't wait!

I was also chosen to be June's Guest Digi Design Team member at the Best Scrapbooking store in the world a cherry on top!
 So far its been a blast.  Really makes me use my noggin!

I am all healed from both my surgeries (in case you didn't know i had my appendix removed in April then i had my gall bladder removed during Memorial Weekend)

So now im ready to lose some weight!  YAY!!! I am investing in the Wii Active today and really am hyped to get started.  

Hope you all have a great week and remainder of June.  Its a very busy month for me.  Between school ending and Birthday parties and Kelly's 8th grade graduation.  But looking forward to summer vacation even though we really won't be going anywhere!

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