Friday, January 14, 2011

My word for 2011

Ali Edwards and many people in the scrapbooking world pick one little word to sum up what you want for yourself for that year.  In my case that would be 2011.

Here is what Ali Edwards says on her blog Ali Edwards Blog

"one little word
A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.
Last fall in issue two of this newsletter I wrote about the power of words and gave my top ten tips for getting those words down when you are scrapbooking. Today I want to introduce you to the idea that a single word can be a catalyst for enriching your life as well as your scrapbook layouts.
Last year I began a tradition of chosing one word for myself each January – a word that I can focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life. Last year my word was something I wanted to bring into my life in a more tangible way. My word was play.
I thought a lot about play and what it means to me. I tried to incorporate it more into my everyday and on my adventures out in the crazy world. For me, it was a lot about living without fear – about being more open to experiences with an attitude of playfulness. The word play found its way onto many scrapbook pages and into many stories I told throughout the year.
Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2007?"

So for 2011 MY little word is FOCUS! But i think i am going to also have a second word.  I think both words when used together will get me to where i want to be quicker. My second word is Eliminate!

FOCUS and ELIMINATE!  What a great combo don't you think?

There are so many things going on in my life right now.. Lots of great things, and a few that i would rather forget.  I need to Focus on all the good in my life and eliminate the bad.  Focus on my family, focus on my plan of action for 2011.  I also have to focus on my love for my craft. I know that i can accomplish so much but because of reasons that i would rather not talk about, or not at liberty to talk about at this time 2010 made me lose focus on many things.  Therefore most of the reasons for that have been ELIMINATED.
So here is how is my plan.  This is what i am going to focus on for 2011.
  1. MYSELF.  I need to get healthy.  If i don't, then i wont be able to focus on anything else. Eliminate some weight, bad food choices, laziness, depression, and negativity  
  2. MY FAMILY.  My kids and my husband.  that is my family, those are who need my full focus. Eliminate people in my life and my families life that bring negativity, drama, or heartache in our lives.
  3. I am only going to FOCUS on the things that directly affect me or my family.  Eliminate those that wish to bring us down or to have false pretenses for there own gain. 
  4. Work on my career.  It has been on the back burner for a couple of years now.  I am going to focus on that too.  Eliminate my fears of failure, and other negative feelings i may have surrounding me.
  5. Focus on getting my blog active and making it a place for others to possibly get ideas or learn something new, Maybe find that link to a recipe you have been searching for.  Focus on getting more followers.  My Goal is to reach 100 followers by the end of the year.   

So hear you have it.  These are my goals for 2011.  I know its almost the middle of the month but i wanted to have a well thought out plan, something that in March i know i would be able to still stick by. Notice i said Eliminate some weight.  I didn't say Lose 10 lbs or 20 lbs.  I know that in order to lose weight you have to be realistic.  In the past i have said "I wan't to lose xx amount of weight" and guess what, it does not happen.  I usually end up gaining the weight instead of losing it.  NO MORE!  Time to FOCUS on whats important in my life and ELIMINATE whats not!

Leave your comments about what your one word or if you decided to do 2 words.  I would love to read about the reason you chose your word.

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ScrapGoo said...

A very thoughtful post! Focus is very high on my list as well. I think we crafty types have trouble in this department!