Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organization thursdays

So today is Thursday and i figured i would try and post something to with Organization every Thursday.  It will be either something that I use or something i found on the internet that i want. (i must add i want everything i see)

Today's Post will be about my Ribbon organization.
I have a plastic wall mounted coat rack with  9 hooks.  I have owned it for a few years so i have no idea how much i spent on it.

I used the Ribbon Storage System found Here for the bundle of ribbons on the left.  But then i started thinking about it and figured i needed a cheaper alternative for my ribbon storage. So i came up with my own Ribbon Storage and spent  $8.49 for 1000 paper clips and 2 inch rings are $3.79 for 9 rings.  The Rack i already owned so it did not cost me anything but i guess you can find one for under 10 bucks and probably a lot nicer then this one.
 I threaded the ribbon through the paperclips and then used the binder clips to keep them all together.

I like the fact that they are easily accessible and i can see them at all times. I have PLENTY of room to expand, and they kind of look nice just hanging there. 

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